Thursday, August 21, 2008


St.Amant campus, cowgirls!? It was Mrs.Cindy's birthday yesterday and we sang her a BIRT-DAY song and did a lil dance and yeehaw'in. haha.
Service was incredible. I love how Gods so right on target every single time i need some direction.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Forgive & Forget

"Everything happens for a reason. People change--so you learn to let go. Things go wrong-- so you appreciate them when they're right. You believe lies -- so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself. & good things fall apart -- so BETTER things fall together."

I must say, a lot of things have changed in my life in the past year. Its pretty crazy how life changes,people change,friends don't always stick around like you thought they would, and the person you thought you'd become is no longer....who you are? I love my life, i love the changes it has voluntarily made, with out my opinion! Changes..that were not asked for!Others...necessary. I take my chances in the unknown and i embrace every oppurtunity with an open mind. God hasnt forgotten me,yes i know this. I have not forgotten Him iether. He is truely my reason for living, the air i breathe, and my heart belongs to Him. I have forgiven those who...didnt know how to be the friend i needed.. and accepted that you can only trust Him to be there when you need someone.I have grown up on my own and i can only thank God for letting me make the mistakes i have...the mistakes that continue to be my testimony. I have made it only by the strength i know i have deep down inside. I know some have given up on me..some think ive disappeared..who knows what people think,and who cares! I am still alive & kicking...fighting for ME. I know who i am, i know what matters in life,and i know I will always be in His favor,no matter how far i still in his hands.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

A new blog, fa sho!

It's been a long time since ive done this consistently...& im going to start today.But be patient!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

I am so anxious, tonight im goin to the David Crowder concert & i get to hang out with my Natalie Spera whom i miss more than anyone i know! Tonight is a very much needed get a way from..everything. This morning i was so encouraged by Eddy's lil blog,check his blog out and read the two paragraphs. Im at work & i missed a whole week last week because i was sick. Really i should be busy, but im doodling on here. I work at Pheonix consulting group by the way, since every time i run into some one they ask me "What do you do now, I never see you"? Well, thats what i do. I work. Exciting eh? Anyways im keeping the blog, i got 3 comments to the last one so thanks.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Its been at least 3 months..& im sure no ones recognized!

SOOO its been forever, not even sure if anyone knows i still have one of these....but im still alive! Just updating,figured i should or at least delete my blog. If i get any comments ill keep it,if not....then yeah

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Bored...guess ill blog....!

I miss the kids..i miss the people..i miss all the missionaries.
Since ive been back, its been pretty amazing. My eyes have been opened..i dont feel blinded to the things of this world. I am responsible for every thing i have seen. I want to make a difference..and i dont mean that cliche' im serious...I have to go back for sure. Africa is deffinetly a place where your heart always stays.

Now whats the next step for the next year of my life....???

Monday, April 23, 2007

The first day in

The kids LOVE the camera's!

That would be us in the Indian Ocean! How COOL

Update, i woke up this morning for my quiet time, i looked out our hotel window and watched the people go about their morning bussiness..I watched a boy lower himself into some ditch/drain thing to get water. Dirty water at that...Then i looked up, on top of some building, and there was a man brushing his teeth. Then another guy running down this hill with no shoes, dragging a trailer with his belongings on it. Then of course the huge truck of 20 military men.
Crazy...when i get back home.Life wont be the same. At least i hope not. We take too much for granted.

Thursday, April 12, 2007


We leave for Mozambique in 9 days and i am stoked!! I still cant believe it yet, i guess when we step on the plane it will actually sink in. Im scared, but excited.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Hope. It's the light that strikes that burns inside of me

I feel like im on cloud 9, i could not be happier with my life right now. God is amazing & so FAITHFUL. Im so thankful...Im so ready to go to AFRICA!

its the wave i ride,that won't ever reach the shore.
overwhelmed by the tide and wanting nothing more, tonight.
than to take this time and make it all mine.
its coming around again.
every now and again sometimes, i get lost on the wind of a dream.
the air gets clean and the seas get wide.
and i can do anything.
the pain it won't even cross my mind, there is wonder in everything.
the rope gets loose and the chains unbind, and i can do anything.

its the light that strikes,that burns inside of me.
its a blinding light,but somehow i can see, again.
when i've lost my way,its becoming very clear.
and its coming around again, every now and again sometime,
i get lost on the wind of a dream.
the air gets clean and the seas get wide
and i can do anything.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Lord is my STRENGTH!

After an amazing weekend with amplified for our youth group, I thought I was on cloud 9 with God. He spoke to me so much this weekend, my life is just an example of His grace and love. I am a new person with new goals, new ambitions, new perspectives on life, and a NEW HEART that was so broken and abused. I love my father more than anything, He is my rock, He is my fortress, i am His precious daughter and will not settle for anything less than what HE wants for my life.
I want His PERFECT will, i dont want the permissible will of God.

After an amazing weekend, of course the enemy likes to have his little field day tormenting and trying to steal my joy and focus. He hit me with some thing that i never thought could happen. My heart cries out for help, i need strength, and i need it abundantly.
I was reading last night, and God gave me a verse.

Psalm 57:1-3
Be Merciful to me God, be merciful to me because I come to you for protection.
Let me hide under the shadow of your wings until the trouble has passed.
I cry out to God Most High, to the God who does everything for me.
He sends me help from Heaven and saves me. He punishes those who chase me....God sends me His LOVE & FAITHFULLNESS.

Enough said.